How It Works

How It Works

SmartTag uses advanced internet search technology and Artificial Intelligence to find relevant keywords for your content. Increasing the Searchability of your content and data

Artificial Intelligence

Using artificial intelligence SmartTag can identify keywords that are a concepts, people, places, things or brands. For example if you have the term “Burger King” in your content a normal algorithm may only detect “Burger” and “King” with AI we can detect “Burger King” as a brand and find keywords associated with that brand


The Internet is vast the only way to find what you’re looking for is with search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and many more. Search engines look for keywords in your content and connect those keywords to search terms. The more keywords in your content the relevant your content will become.

Save Time

Stop thinking about associated keywords and let smart tag do the work for you. We will find words that you may never think of or have the time to do so. Publish smart content faster with the proper keywords.

Imagine your content is a fishing boat and the ocean is the internet.
The more lures with bait you have the more fish you will catch. With SmartTag we analyze your content and help you get more lures with bait in the water. By finding all the main keywords we can find more associated keywords for your content that didn’t exist before


Writing a blog about Beer? SmartTag will help you find all the keywords associated for your content